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  • As part of Black History Month this year, I had the opportunity to talk about The Black Experience in America: The Course with a group of people whose work played a significant role in making it possible. During the month I was the guest for an online gathering of more than 1,000 Adobe employees, hosted by the company’s Black Employee Network.
  • To download free social media images to celebrate Black history, click here. I spent the hours before Black History Month preparing for and executing an interview with Roy Austin, VP for Civil Rights at Meta (the company formerly known as Facebook). We talked about voting rights, algorithms, and whether it’s possible to help justice scale as quickly as misinformation can.
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  • Reconsidering an Icon in the Face of Modern Challenges
  • Education is both a goal and a theme in The Black Experience in America: The Course. With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to the digital audience of a special conversation with the presidents of three historically Black colleges. It will be live today, Monday 10/11, at 2:30 ET, and the recording will continue to be available at the link below. (You can share the link below with […]