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  • Above: A screenshot from the opening of the Teaching Black History Conference Friday I had the privilege of presenting a session called “Tech Tools and Grassroots” at the Teaching Black History Conference, put on by the Carter Center for K-12 Black History Education at the University of Missouri. I presented my work on The Black Experience in America: The Course, with a focus on how technology can amplify the reach […]
  • A couple of years back, before I had the spark of an idea to create The Black Experience In America: The Course, I spent a few months doing some obsessive digital sleuthing. Using public records on, I was determined to see how far back I could trace my family tree.
  • My oldest son turned 13 last week, and I was hunting for something to get him (besides the smartphone my wife and I will be bankrolling). And then, earlier this month, there it was: a new online store selling clothing connected to a new anime series on Netflix,
  • A longtime regional celebration in the Black community is suddenly a national holiday
  • Often, my first impulse when solving a problem — and this is not a good thing — is to invent a solution from scratch. So a year ago, when I told a group of Black friends from my alma mater that I was thinking about designing a course on the Black experience, they wisely advised me to look at what’s already available out there.